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Thank you for visiting our website to learn about a medical practice that puts your health and wellness first.  Our mission is to help each patient achieve their optimum vitality, that state of being strong and active and full of energy.  

This practice is actually an old-fashioned idea.  We have stepped away from the volume driven medical world and you will notice the difference at every interaction: we answer the phone and make personal calls to remind you of appointments; we only book one patient at a time and would never expect you to have a meaningful visit squeezed into a 12 or 15 minute time slot;  we allot an hour for new patient appointments, 30 minutes for follow

Dr. Clark Trask

S. Clark Trask, MD

up or same day visits, and 90 minutes for physicals.  In fact, we are used to hearing, “Wow, I have never had a doctor spend that much time with me!”  We are not trying to perfect a broken model of medicine.  Our driving goal is to create a better model, one that treats you like a person, not just another patient. 


By limiting the practice size, I and my staff have significantly more time to devote to your needs. We have tools to help promote wellness and health that a traditional practice cannot provide.  From the first visit, we will explore your health goals and then map a course to achieve those goals.

Costs of healthy behaviors vs medical services.

As the attached article from the American Heart Association suggests, the traditional medical practice is disease driven rather than health driven. Very often, we are not even asking the right questions.  What makes us healthy is not healthcare.  As the adjacent graphic shows, healthcare accounts for a mere 10% of our health, while genetics and the environment each contribute about 20%.  It is healthy behaviors that make up the other 50%, meaning we can have a controlling voice in our own health.  


Please look at our website to answer questions you might have and feel free to contact us by phone or email. 

True health of the mind, body and spirit does not come in a pill or prescription.  If you want a committed team that has your back when you are sick and also has the tools and knowledge to help you achieve wellness and vitality, then our practice may be the medical home for you.


Best regards,

Clark Trask, MD

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​Check back here frequently for news and updates.

Members Only Page

Navigate to the Patient Portals page and click on the Membership Portal button to access the Members Only page of our website. This page contains a variety of information -- exclusive videos, exercise tips, favorite recipes and more -- personally selected by Dr. Trask for his patients. 

Advanced Care Planning Made Easy

PREPARE for Your Care is an online resource that helps people learn about and prepare for medical decision making. This evidenced-based tool features video stories in English and Spanish and guides users as they explore their wishes and learn how to discuss them with family, friends, and medical providers. The website also offers PREPARE written pamphlets as well as easy-to-read, legally-binding advance directives for all 50 states in English and Spanish. Check out PREPARE here:

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