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    the state of being strong and active; energy.

synonyms: liveliness, life, energy, spirit, vivacity, exuberance, buoyancy, bounce, 
elan, verve, vim, pep, brio, zest, sparkle, dynamism, passion, 
fire, vigor, drive, 

  • the power giving continuance of life, present in all living things.

Our Practice //

Our Practice is a full service Family Medicine office. We accept Medicare and most major insurances and we will process your insurance claims.


One distinction with our practice, however, is the high level of personalized service and care that has become rare in today’s volume driven medical industry.  By limiting the number of patients in the practice, unhurried 30 minute appointments are the standard for routine care.  You will not feel rushed during office visits and will have plenty of time for questions, education and anything pertaining to your medical care.  Labs can be drawn in our office just like “the old days” with no hassle of going to another facility.  


Like all medical offices, we will provide 24/7 call coverage but the difference is that patient calls will go directly to Dr. Trask’s cell phone and not other doctors on call for him.  With this smaller practice, you will not get lost in the complex landscape of today’s healthcare system.


A key component of your new medical home will be a yearly wellness program — AIM4Vitality.  This program includes an executive physical and incorporates specific metabolic and diagnostic tests to set a benchmark for the ensuing year.  


Dr. Trask wants to collaborate with you to optimize your current and future health.  Chart a course that you desire, be it improved wellness, weight loss, fitness, or simply maintaining a proactive approach to health and life.


IMAGINE a medical office designed so the doctor can be your personal physician.  IMAGINE a doctor who has the time to know every detail about your health, whose mission is to work with you to optimize your current and future health.  IMAGINE when problems do arise that your doctor insists you keep him on speed dial, so you can avoid crowded ER or urgent care waiting rooms, long waits, or providers that don’t know you as a patient, much less a person.


As a full service Family Medicine office, our mission is to take the best possible care of all your health needs in our scope of service.  Below
are some of the services and features you can expect as a patient of
Dr. Trask: 


  • Doctor you know and trust

  • Physician availability 24/7

  • Cell phone and email access

  • Same day appointments

  • Ample time for scheduled visits to discuss, research, formulate care 

  • Health maintenance/disease prevention as a priority

  • Support staff dedicated exclusively to patients

  • Assistance with scheduling outside procedures and consultations

  • Concierge coordination of care with specialists

  • Home visits when medically necessary

  • Labs drawn in our office

  • IV fluids in our office

  • Suturing and wound care

  • Vaccines

  • Convenient prescription refills

  • Travel Medicine 

  • Obagi Medical: A Leader in Skin Health

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Health is not simply the absence of disease but complete physical, mental and social well-being.  Vitality is the energy driving health.


The AIM4Vitality Program is a yearly membership program designed to help individuals maximize their health.  By combining an executive physical with certain metabolic and diagnostic tests, your assessment will establish a baseline of your current health and establish a personalized plan to maximize your best health.  Plan to spend about 90 minutes at our office the day of your assessment and physical. 


One unique part of our program is the ability to measure your aerobic capacity known as VO2 max.  VO2 max is considered the best indicator of a person’s current and future health and indicates the body’s “physiologic age.”  While this testing is generally used by elite athletes, our AIM4Vitality Program provides this tool as a foundation for a customized health program that truly meet the needs of the individual.


In addition, this technology can be used as the most accurate measurement of your basal metabolic rate.  Your BMR is the amount of energy (i.e. calories) you burn without exercise.  Use your BMR to help with weight loss and weight control.


We also use a 3D body surface scanner called the Fit3D to assess  

your body shape, measurements, weight, balance, and full body posture, from eyes and ears to feet.  It will measure your lean body mass and percent body fat, much better metrics than simply your weight on a scale.  The Posture Analysis evaluates your head and neck positioning and your shoulders, hips, knees and ankle positions when you are standing. It also provides posture Wellness Metrics on body shape, waist circumference, waist to hip and trunk to leg volume ratios, and more. 


This analysis is particularly important for people with mobility issues or chronic neck, back, and other joint pain. A Posture Analysis can help you focus your time in the gym and during physical therapy on the right activities to strengthen your core. Over time, as your fitness and health improve, you can take repeat scans to see changes and further calibrate your posture. And the Fit3D will visualize your changes with an avatar.

Throughout the year, members will be invited to our Vitality Talks seminar series featuring experts in a wide variety of health and wellness related fields. They will also be kept informed with ongoing e-communication on relevant topics of health, fitness, weight loss and well-being.

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